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Thank you for stopping by, we are so excited you're here!

Hi there, I'm Outlaw otherwise known as Laws, Lawsie, Wazzle, Lolly, and Bubba. I'm 6 years old and my mom & dad rescued me in North Carolina in 2018. When I first came home I didn't like anyone touching my head or neck so my mom was definitely not putting a bandana on me. When my brother, Oaks came along he always had a bandana on so I thought I'd give it a try. Mom knew I wouldn't like anything tied around my neck so she found one that slipped through my collar, and guess what?!


Henlo, I'm Oakley otherwise known as Oaks, Oakie, Bug, Bugaboo, Smoosh, and my grandma likes to call me Slimer (It's not my fault I drool kinda a lot). I'm 2 years old and my parents brought me home in 2019. My mom loves to dress me up and to be honest, I love it too! I love to pose for the camera especially if there are treats involved. My go-to pose is my underbite, it always gets my mom giggling. My mom used to tie bandanas on me but they would always fall off when I would do my zoomies in the backyard. She was looking for a solution and came across bandanas that wouldn't fall off, now with my slip-on bandana, I can play and look very handsome and not be embarrassed when my mom says I'm nakey after my bandana falls off again.

We love our bandanas so much that mom started making them reversible and even added our names. We know you'll love them too!

We love making new friends so be sure to tag us @lawsandoaks when you get your new favorite bandana!

We Woof You!

Laws & Oaks


Laws & Oaks is proud to share the "Red for the Hoomans" Bandana in support of our family and friends impacted by Heart Disease. 

We donated 50% of the proceeds to The American Heart Association!

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